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Your diversity at work


Employee surveys can be a daunting task but diversity ones tend to be nerve-racking! Nevertheless, the results can provide valuable insight into organizational planning especially in human resources.
Employers can find themselves in a challenging predicament when it comes to trying to account for the diversity of their employees. They may stall the process because it seems risky, thinking:

What if I ask the wrong questions?

What if I word the questions the wrong way?

What if employees don't understand why we ask the questions?

What if it costs too much?

The D-I-Y. Workforce Composition Toolkit was designed for organizations who have skilled professional staff who are able to sensitively execute, analyze and store data. It is meant to save time and money.

The survey offers notes for special consideration for buyers outside of Ontario and Canada.

The Toolkit includes the following:

Please note this is not a step-by-step guide. It is marketed to experienced human resources professionals who are assumed to have prior knowledge of survey administration.

The survey offers notes for special consideration for buyers outside of Ontario and Canada.

If you have a skilled and experienced team who know how to administer employee surveys, collect and store sensitive data - this could be an option for you.

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Testimonial from user:

When we first started discussing a Diversity Survey, we didn't know where to begin with questions and themes, let alone how to ensure the questions we were asking and the message we were delivering was politically correct and relevant to our employees. Evelina and Diversity at Work solved this problem for us by providing a Diversity Survey template, which we were able to modify based on our targeted outcome. This template saved us a tremendous amount of time and money, and also assured us that the survey content was respectful and aligned with our Shared Values."

Tahlia Rimnyak, CHRP | Human Relations Coordinator
McCormick Canada