I learned that Canada’s growth is coming from new immigrants and how this relates to business in London. The participants were able to meet members of the local ethnic media and learn how they can help us to tap into the emerging ethnic markets.
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Keeping abreast of what is happening in the world of workplace diversity and inclusion can be a daunting task! Diversity management is a growing and ever changing field. Internationally, leaders have come to rely on The Inclusion Quarterly! to provide them with reliable and practical advice to help them manage workplace diversity.

Known as a trusted resource for managing workplace diversity, The Inclusion Quarterly! is a concise reference for busy professionals who need reliable information quickly. This quarterly Ezine contains: editorials, articles, interviews with industry leaders, best practices, tips for conducting international business and suggestions for further reading, plus much more.

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Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, Ontario

"The Inclusion Quarterly! is a great tool for those involved in the world of diversity and inclusivity. It is filled with practical tips, timely topics and really gets to the heart of sometimes difficult issues in a clear and concise manner. I look forward to reading and sharing each issue with my colleagues to enhance their understanding of the work I do."
Mary Ryan, Manager, Community Resources/Diversity & Inclusivity

Conestoga College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

From my perspective, the value of the Quarterly is that “it is both informative and instructive for practitioners”.
Andrea Leis, Dean, School of Career and Academic Access

Lee Anderson & Associates, London, Ontario

"As a sole practitioner, I'm often asked if I really do have "associates" and, if so, who they are. As a generalist Organizational Effectiveness/HR professional, I depend on subject matter experts like Evelina to provide specialized advice, resources and support, just-in-time. When I moved to London from Toronto in 2003, diversity wasn't on many radar screens in southwestern Ontario. Evelina has identified a niche market and, in establishing Diversity at Work, is raising awareness about diversity as well as offering a wide range of related programs. Her Ezine is read around the world and her workshops engage participants in a topic that may well be new and emotional to them. I am delighted to recommend both Evelina and the Your Diversity at Work team highly."
Lee Anderson, Principal

Conestoga Career Centre, Doon campus

I have found it useful and informative. It goes into a bit more depth than a newspaper article etc.
Lil Premsukh, Manager of Workforce Access Programs